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Extra Small 100 sqft | Bed 4ft (Small Double) | Max Occupants 2

Just looking for a basic room for the night? Then the much in demand 'Crash Pad Small' might be just what you are looking for. Make no mistake, this is a small double(ish) room. It's popularity comes from it's price not it's size! If you are looking for a room with just the basics, this would suit one person or two (at a squeeze) on a budget. There's room to swing a cat (as us British like to say) but not a big one!

We've got the basics covered, your own shower and toilet, a little hanging space and one of our lovely 4ft small double beds but that is you lot! You can still expect lovely fluffy pillows and a bed you won't want to get out of but don't expect sea views or lots of toiletries. Sometimes it's great to have the nicer touches but do you need them when the price is this good!

Note: The basic decor and size of this room is reflected in the room rate.